Environmental Defense

The specter of an environmental or toxic tort claim may well face a business entity with near terminal liability exposure. This area of practice is a particular expertise of our litigation team, who has represented members of the agriculture, food, energy and transportation industries defending claims involving the release of hazardous substances and wastes under the Solid Waste Disposal Act, CERCLA and state statutory and regulatory programs, common-law actions for nuisance and trespass, wrongful death and personal injuries, property damages, and natural resource damages. Our clients have been involved in high profile cases involving complex procedural, technical and medical issues, and cases that required the delicate management of public relations to deal with hostile venues.

Our experience in this arena is broad, and includes the defeat of multiple landowner class actions, and mass tort claims. We are particularly skilled in managing the technical aspects of such cases. We are adept at selecting and managing litigation experts and developing strategies to address the work product of the experts employed by our clients’ opponents. Technology also plays an important role in our approach to these cases, which can involve voluminous amounts of documentary and technical evidence. Our paralegals have extensive experience in database architecture and administration, and we have both the skill and tools to manage litigation paperlessly, which reduces cost and increases efficiency exponentially.