When your family is in crisis or is starting a new chapter by adopting a child or caring for an aging family member, you can trust our attorneys to provide the legal guidance you need for peace of mind.  We understand that each family is different and that the legal process can be overwhelming.  From our initial consultation, we will explain the process you are facing and honestly assess your individual situation.  We will ensure that you, the client, are the center of our focus.

Divorce, child custody and support disputes and other family issues are among the most stressful situations families must face.  You should have compassionate and knowledgeable representatives to ensure you obtain the best possible result.  While we are experienced at trial and will zealously advocate for our clients in the courtroom when necessary, we also understand that many matters can be resolved more amicably through alternative dispute resolution.  We will help you assess the most appropriate means for resolving your dispute in the most efficient way possible.

We are also thrilled to help families add new members through adoption and to help birth moms understand the process of finding her child the best possible home.  We have the experience to guide families through the legal process to ensure that all necessary prerequisites are completed to achieve the most seamless finalization possible.  We will carry the legal burden so that you can focus on your new family.

In addition, we know the stress that can result from new responsibilities arising in caring for an aging or ill loved one.  We provide guardianship services to allow you to perform necessary services for your family member in need, such as making medical decisions and handling financial affairs.  We can assist you in obtaining a competency evaluation and seeking guardianship when appropriate, and in complying with guardianship procedures and reporting once appointed.

Don't trust your most important life decisions to just anyone.  Call us to schedule a consultation and let us assess your individual situation and determine how we can best help you.