Code of Conduct

In recognition that our client satisfaction, effectiveness, and the fulfillment of our ethical responsibilities depends on superior client service, we dedicate ourselves to the following principles:


  • We respond to all communications from outside of the Firm within 2 hours whenever possible, and assure responses within no more than 24 hours.
  • We provide thoughtful and complete information in responding to clients and prospective clients to assure that all queries are properly satisfied.
  • We demonstrate our professionalism in all of our communications.


  • We meet our scheduling commitments, be they appointments or deadlines.
  • We treat everyone with courtesy and respect in all of our professional interactions, both internal and external to the Firm.
  • We give our undivided attention in meetings by turning off our personal electronic devices.


  • We identify and fulfill our clients’ needs.
  • We deliver service beyond the clients’ expectations.
  • We accommodate our clients by being flexible in how we serve them.


  • We manage clients’ matters to achieve the desired results while minimizing costs and fees.
  • We scrutinize our invoices to ensure that we do not bill clients for duplicative, inefficient or unnecessary tasks and expenses.


  • We serve our clients in a manner that demonstrates that they are our number one priority.
  • We undertake every aspect of our services to provide our clients the quickest and least expensive resolution of their matters possible.
  • We show our loyalty to our clients by protecting their interests in all we do.


  • We provide sound advice and representation to our clients founded on precise research and analysis.
  • We continue to improve our professional competency by keeping abreast of developments in the law and technology.
  • We demonstrate leadership in our profession by publishing, teaching, speaking, and serving in leadership roles in professional organizations.


  • We empathize with our clients and their circumstances.
  • We show our clients our appreciation for the opportunity to be their attorneys.